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Lawn Grass Comparison Chart - © Copyright 2008 - 2014

Types of Grass Review and Comparisons - Which Grass is Best For Your Lawn?

  Bahia Bentgrass(fine) Bermuda Buffalo Carpet Centipede Tall Fescue St. Augustine Zoysia
Season Type Warm Cool Warm Warm Warm Warm Cool Warm Warm
Ideal For: Low maintenance, poor soils, and mild winters. Low to moderate traffic and a luxurious look and feel in moist, cooler climates. High traffic, barefoot play, and beautiful green color. Low maintenance and dry weather in the Great Plains. Low effort groundcover in damp areas with moderate traffic. Thick, low maintenance lawn in the Deep South. Deep green color, luxurious look, and active play tolerance from mid-Georgia to southern California northward. Coastal areas, very warm temperatures, and moist soils. High traffic, moderate maintenance lawns as far north as D.C. and Little Rock.
Soil Types Clay, sand, loam, or mix Light clay, sandy or loamy mix; well-drained. Clay, sand, loam, or mix. Clay and loam; No sand or salt. Sandy or damp soils but no salt. Sandy, clay and loam. Clay and loamy soils. Sandy and loamy soils.  Extra work for clay. Sand, clay, or loam but with good drainage.
Soil Ph 5.5 - 6.5 5.5 - 6.0 5.5 - 7.5 7.0 - 7.5 5 - 5.5 4.5 - 5.5 5.5 - 6.5 6.5 - 7.5 6.0 - 7.0
Summer Temps

To 115º F

90º+ for best growth

To 90º F

To 115º F

90º+ for best growth

To 100º F To 85º F To 110º F To 100º F To 115º F To 115º F
Winter Temps

To 10º F

To 15º F

To -8º F

To 15º F To 35º F To 30º F To -20º F To 35º F To 0º F
Sun / Shade Partial Shade to Full Sun Light Shade to Moderate Sun Full Sun Full Sun Partial Shade to Moderate Sun Light Shade to Full Sun Partial Shade to Full Sun Moderate Shade to Full Sun Light Shade to Full Sun
Density Thin to Moderate Moderate Moderate to Thick Moderate Thick Moderate Moderate to Thick Thick Thick
Ideal Mow Height 1.5 to 3 inches .75 to 1 inches .25 to 1.5 inches 2 to 3 inches 1 - 2 inches 2 - 3 inches 2 - 4 inches 2 - 3 inches 2 - 3 inches
Mowing Frequency (growing season) 6 - 10 days Twice weekly w/ reel mower 1 - 2 times per week Weekly 1 - 2 weeks 6 - 8 days Weekly Weekly 1 - 2 times per week (reel mower is best)
Bag or Mulch Mulch Either Alternate Either Mulch Bag Mulch Alternate Alternate
Thatch Problems Low High Moderate Low Low Moderate Low Moderate Low to Moderate
Drought Tolerance High Low Moderate - High High Low High Moderate Low Moderate
Disease Problems Low Low Low to Moderate Low Moderate Low Moderate Moderate Low
Common Diseases / Pests Mole crickets, dollar spot Dollar spot Nematodes, white grubs, spring dead spot Mealybug, webworm, chinch bug White grubs, mole crickets, armyworms, brown patch Nematodes, ground pearls, dollar spot and brown patch Brown patch, Pythium blight, nematodes, ants, slugs, and moles Chinch bugs, St. Augustine Decline (SAD) Zoysia patch, mole crickets, grubs, sod webworms, armyworms
Weed Issues High Low Moderate Moderate, particularly broadleaf weeds Low Low Moderate Low Low
Kid / Pet Friendly Yes, for large pets.  Wear shoes. Grass is coarse. No. Does not tolerate traffic well. Yes though dog urine kills the grass. Yes, for large pets.  Wear shoes. Grass is coarse. Yes, but thrives in wet, soggy areas that may not be ideal for play. Somewhat.  Is a low traffic grass. Yes, very much so! With lighter traffic, yes. Yes.
Fertilizer Demands 3 times per year 3 times per year Every 1 - 2 months during growing season Twice during growing season Once per year Once or twice per growing season 4 - 5 times per year 3 times per year 3 - 4 time per year
Seed, Sod, Plugs Seed, Sod, Plugs Seed

Seed (common or improved), Plugs & Sod (hybrid)

Seed, Sod, Plugs Seed Sod, Plugs Seed, Sod Sod, Plugs Seed (not ideal), Sod or Plugs (best)

Average Cost for New Lawn

Low Low to Moderate Moderate Moderate Low High Low (seed) - High (sod) Moderate High
Overall Effort To Maintain Low High

Moderate - High

Low Very Low Low Moderate Moderate Moderate